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"Thanks so much, my mom was thrilled about the gift idea, I'm sure she'll love the finished product: "

--Katherine Hopkins, Wichita KS

Transfer-2 CD - Audio and Video Transfer Services

We have been doing conversions of LPs to CD, cassettes to CD, video tapes to DVD and 45's to CD since 2001. We use the highest quality hardware, software and materials in our conversion process.

Coupled with our extensive experience in audio restoration and digital media, we provide the best transfer service on the web.

Cassettes to CD, LP's to CD -  What's Included


  • Digitally Convert your LP or Cassette to a CD
  • Surface Cleaning of Records - FREE Examples

  • Noise Reduction - FREE
  • Indexing - FREE ( Click Here for more info)
  • Pop and Click  Filtering - FREE Examples
  • Normalization (Amplification if needed)- FREE

  • Removal of long dead spaces & space between sides- FREE
  • Full Color Custom Label with Title,  Artist- FREE
  • Slim Line Jewel Cases for cassette transfers- FREE

  • Jewel cases with Inserts for LP's. We scan Front and Back Covers- FREE Artwork Examples

LP's to CD and Cassette Tapes to CD Discount Pricing

                           LP Transfers                                            Cassette Transfers

LP's to Transfer

Price per LP


Cassettes to Transfer

Price per Cassette









11- 25


21 - 100



26 - 50


101- 250



51- 100


251 - 500



101 - 500


501 - 750



501 - 750


751 - 1000



751 - 1000


1001 +

Contact Us


1001 +

Contact Us

All pricing on LPs includes Scanned Front and Back Album Covers, Full Color Labels, Standard Jewel Cases, Indexing and Noise Reduction at no extra cost.

Want Additional Copies?

Additional copies of your new CDs are just 6.95. They will be exactly the same as the newly transferred CD.

We keep all transfers on file for 30 days so in the event you need additional copies, we can  get them to you quickly. There's no need to re-send us your recordings. 

How do I order?  IT'S VERY EASY!

Start Here...

    1. Fill Out the Order Form with all your contact information, and the number of recordings you are sending.

    2. On the order form, choose the payment method you'd like to use.

    3. Print out the form and place it in a  box along with your recordings and send them to the address on the form.

    4. Once we receive your recordings here, we will notify you by email. Still have a question? Then please Contact Us.

    That's it!!

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