Transfer Service of LPs, 45s, Cassettes and Videos to CD, DVD, Flash Drive, Hard Drive or the Cloud   

Transfer-2CD is dedicated to providing the highest quality transfers at the best possible price. We have provided thousands of LP, 45s, and Cassette Tapes since 1991 and have as many satisfied clients.

We have done work for more than 31,000 customers and made more than 100,000 transfers. Please review our various services and join our family of very satisfied customers. We have many clients that come back over and over and have referred their family and friends to us as well. There's a reason...

We use all the latest technology, software and computers to provide you the best possible product.

Transfer of LPs, Cassette Tapes and 45s - What's Included

  • Digital conversion of your LP, 45 or Cassette to a CD or MP3.
  • Surface Cleaning of 45s and LPs - FREE Examples
  • Noise Reduction (tape hiss) for cassette tapes - FREE
  • Indexing - FREE  More Info...
  • Pop and Click Filtering, LPs and 45s - FREE Examples
  • Normalization (Amplification if needed) - FREE
  • Removal of long dead spaces space between sides - FREE
  • Full Color Custom Label with Title, Artist - FREE
  • Slim Line Jewel Cases for cassette transfers - FREE
  • Jewel cases with Inserts for LP's. We scan Front and Back Covers - FREE

  Save an additional 5% on your project when you have your transfers put on an external hard drive, flash drive or uploaded to the Cloud. Contact us for more info.


What We Do

Our state of the art physical and audio cleanup process produces the best possible sounding CD. Using our vast experience in the digital mastering field, we have put together a process for transferring your vinyl to CD that is far superior to any do it yourself machine.

Our special, step-by-step process includes physical cleaning, digitizing, surface noise removal, click/pop removal, editing, normalizing and indexing. Each is a separate step taken prior to transferring your final CDs. This takes a lot of time but the end result is the best possible sound from your LPs. and 45s