Sound Cleanup Examples

Note: It may be difficult to hear the differences on small, inexpensive speakers.

 Noise Reduction Examples

 1.     78 RPM - Clicks, Pops and Hiss - BEFORE and AFTER

 2.     LP - Clicks and Pops - BEFORE and AFTER

 3.  *Cassette Tape- Extreme Hiss and Low Vol - BEFORE and AFTER

* Before applying any filters, I increased the volume of the tape in the "Before" example so it could be heard. Unfortunately, this  brings up the noise level as well.  Also, the tape only contained audio on the right channel. I increased the volume level, converted  it to mono so the audio would be centered and reduced the noise level as much as possible without effecting the voice.


Physical Cleanup Sound Examples

Many of the "pops" and "clicks" that can be heard when playing a record are not entirly caused by scratches and "dings" in the record, but by dirt and dust that has accumulated over time.

Cleaning your records is an integeral part of our transfer process. Every record is thoroughly cleaned by hand and then cleaned again using our cleaning machine before being digitized.

Before and After cleaning

Cleaning Example image

Clicks and Pops BEFORE and AFTER
physical cleaning.

Here's what the Before and After wave forms look like.